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The date was April 8, 2016. Andy had been anticipating this day for weeks - the hours and days seemed to unfold in slow motion, and when the day finally arrived, the past few weeks seemed a blur. 

The event had been meticulously planned, everything was in place - the food, the toys, everything that was needed and more. All precautions had been taken - even the floors were sanitised, shoes' left at the door and everyone who entered the house was given strict instruction to do the same. 

Andy talked about this day to anyone willing to listen, and whilst politely attentive were more than likely tired of hearing about it. The excitement was palpable, every waking moment had been dedicated to the planning of this day, and Andy was conscious of the responsibility that was about to be bestowed upon him.

The hour-long drive to Toowoomba seemed like 6, and Andy's anxiety levels were high. The last 24 hours was a cocktail of nerves and excitement - minutes seemed like hours and hours like days. Andy knew that his life was about to change, but he wasn't prepared for how these changes would consume his life, and how positive these changes would be.

Jess greeted Andy at the door - shoes off and into the foyer of the house. Andy knew that his new best mate was only a few feet away, and although not yet in the line of sight, he could already sense the bond that would grow in ways he could only imagine. 

With the greetings over with, and Jess sensing Andy's eagerness to get on with the proceedings, Andy locked eyes with Buzz and fell instantly in love. Of course, Buzz knew not what was about to occur, and that he was about to be whisked away to start a new life with his new family.

Jess helped to secure Buzz safely in the crate in the back seat of Andy's car, and as she said her last emotional goodbyes, Andy pulled gently away from the curb and disappeared around the corner for what she assumed would be the last time. It was hard for her to let her pups go, with their welfare foremost in her mind. She need not have worried though, as she would be able to see Buzz's life unfold from afar like she had never imagined.

Buzz was scared, his heart was beating a million miles an hour, and he cried all the way down the Toowoomba range until finally falling asleep for the rest of the journey. Andy spoke in soft tones all the way, assuring Buzz that everything was going to be OK. It broke his heart to hear Buzz so terrified, so uncertain of his future, but Andy knew that Buzz would receive only love and security for the rest of his life.

6 months passed before Andy uploaded Buzz's first video to Facebook, and now with nearly 300 videos and a steady following, it has become Andy's passion to share Buzz's life and stories with his fans.

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